About The Company

Tanya Kara is not just a brand but a lifestyle. A lifestyle full of inspiration, glamour and fashion. The Tanya Kara Jewelry brand specializes in providing high-quality Fashion and Sterling Silver Jewelry to the fashionistas all over the world that are motivated, glamorous and want to live their life positively. Every piece of jewelry in our collection is full of style, trend and good vibes. Our goal is to provide you a website where you will find exactly what you are looking for whether it’s jewelry for a date night, a night out on the town, casual every-day pieces, or jewelry for your birthday, our website is your go-to spot for your jewelry and accessories!

About The Founder

“My goal has always been to make Tanya Kara Jewelry more than just a jewelry store. I want Tanya Kara Jewelry to be a company that provides positivity, glamour and happiness to women all over the world by providing them jewelry that makes them feel beautiful and full of inspiration!” – Founder, Tanya Kara

Founder of Tanya Kara Jewelry, Tanya Kara was born into a family of jewelers. Being a 3rd generation jeweler in her family, she has been surrounded with the knowledge and vision for trends and jewelry her entire life! Ever since she was born, her parents would take her to their jewelry business where she started off working by polishing jewelry and dusting their jewelry displays. She was constantly surrounded by her parents demonstrating a successful combination of supplying the best jewelry for their customers along with the best customer service.

Tanya Kara’s father designed jewelry for several celebrities and Los Angeles Lakers basketball players including the world famous rapper Tupac Shakur. As time went on and the years went by, Tanya was so inspired by her father’s success that she decided to start her own Fashion Jewelry and Sterling Silver Jewelry line to provide jewelry to the younger generations. Now, 5 years strong, Tanya Kara Jewelry continues to grow and spread positivity all over the world for women everywhere by providing the best fashion jewelry around.

Tanya Kara is known for her success through Instagram where her account @tanyakarajewelry was one of the original jewelry Instagram accounts to generate a large following along with her lifestyle blog www.tanyakara.com

Thank you to all of you who have supported us since day 1 and if you just stumbled across our website, welcome to a glamorous life with Tanya Kara!!!